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Precizion Tools consists of a team who are passionate to introduce innovative products and solution to HVACR engineers and technicians. The growing demand of higher efficiency air conditioning products require the service technician to continuously upgrade their tools and equipment, in order to tune the system for optimum performance.

Precizion Tools aims to provide HVACR products and solutions to serve the following purpose:-
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Reduce call backs
  • Improve profitability
  • Improve professional competency
  • Conserve energy & protect environment
We collaborate with reliable manufacturer to provide the highest quality of HVACR products to our customers. We highly recommended reputed brand such as REFCO, BACHARACH, TESTO, FIELDPIECE, PARKER, ACCUTOOLS to our customers.

We participate in major exhibition such as OGA & REVAC to promote the awareness and importance of conserving energy as well as reducing greenhouse gas emission. This can be achieve through quantification of refrigerant leak and emission concentration with Bacharach Gas Leak Detection System & Emission Analysis. It is regulated in Malaysia that refrigerant cannot be release into the atmosphere in any circumstances. Removal of refrigerant can be carried out with Fieldpiece Recovery Machine safely with proper training. Installation of cooling system can be done right at the first time by using REFCO heavy duty and high precision tools. Elimination of the fire risk can be achieved with the technology breakthrough from Parker - ZoomLock Brazed-Free Copper Fitting. Improving the accuracy of refrigerant charged to any cooling system will improve the equipment performance and reduce energy consumption. System performance can be properly measured and documented with Testo Measuring Instrument.
The Precizion Tools team is the pioneer in Malaysia to introduce Rapid Evacuation, Moisture Analysis and Vacuum Leak Identification. We had successfully helped technician & HVACR contractors to save time and money during system evacuation by using the unprecedented BluVac+ Pro Wireless Vacuum Analyzer and TruBlu Ultra-Fast Vacuum Hose.

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